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—Heritage O.P. is an acoustic percussion and vocal ensemble that fuses the rich cultural traditions and diaspora rhythms of Africa – from South America to the Caribbean – with African American tradition and modern musical trends. Their sound is contemporary with a strong beat and positive lyrics designed to uplift, inspire, and move the listener to dance. They do this, however, using mostly traditional instruments as they share a deep respect for the beauty of acoustical sound and natural resonance. Hence, the “O.P.” stands for organic percussion.

—Heritage O.P. has a vision to heal and unite, believing that music is truly the “healing force of the world”. Heritage O.P. knows the drum can cause all hearts to beat as one.

—Since their beginning in 1996, the band has been touring nationally and internationally, independently producing 3 CDs: “Heritage” (percussion music for dance, exercise and aerobics), “Universal Healing” (a 2 CD set) and “When I Start To Play” (their latest creation), which have sold in the thousands. Their music can be heard on the radio stations worldwide, but most frequently on WBAI radio in New York City, where it is thematic for some of the station’s programs. You can also hear their music on the sound track of Marc Levin’s movie “Brooklyn Babylon”.

—The music of Heritage O.P. is quite unique and popular among theatrical dance companies and productions. Whether in the workshop repertoire of the Ailey II of N.Y.C., the Frankfurt Ballet of Germany, or the dance auditions for the Broadway hit, “The Lion King”, the music of Heritage O.P. winds up almost everywhere in the dance world.

—The group’s core comprises 4 composing members: Ron McBee from San Francisco, CA, Hasan Bakr from Savannah, GA, Victor Y. See Yuen from Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. and Kevin Nathaniel from Detroit, MI. The band often tours as an eight to ten piece orchestra with background singers. Together, Heritage O.P. brings you sound rich in ancestral tradition with a vision for a better world, a world of harmony. This world of harmony is everyone’s heritage.



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